The path to excellence in podiatry in Latvia!

Modern podiatry approaches and methods - working for the benefit of society, providing quality podiatry services to clinic patients and knowledge development to podiatry professionals!

Treatment establishment code: 001000023

In our Clinics, we entrust foot care only to qualified podiatrists

At our Clinic, every patient receives professional foot care services! We specialise in the care of acute patients, including children and people with special needs. Read more about our team HERE.

Effective foot treatment with specially selected and field-tested materials

Through research, testing and learning, we have developed our own selection of herbal remedies from the wide range of European manufacturer Arkada. Not only do we use them in our treatments, but we also offer them for home foot care. You can see our range HERE.

ACADEMY promotes innovative knowledge transfer in podiatry and practical training for professionals

If you want to become a top podiatrist and be part of the professional community, the Podology Academy is the way to achieve your goals. Click HERE for training and cooperation offers.

Elīna Ozola, 

Founder of the Academy of Podology, podologist

"I am a certified podiatrist and a trained person with a deep interest in podiatry. I have dedicated a lot of my time and attention to this field of medicine because I have always been interested in the nuances of this field and being able to help my patients in acute moments with the best possible results! I am always very happy and proud of my team at the Academy of Polodology Clinic when I have been able to help patients with very complex cases. It is also a pleasure for the clients who have chosen our specialists for their regular foot care and trust our specialists. I consider it my mission to work with young podiatrists, introducing a modern approach to podiatry in Latvia and applying the experience of European countries in our country."

Podiatry is our speciality

Our team includes the best of the best in podiatry! We continue to improve our knowledge, to adopt the experience of other European countries. We are members of the Association, we actively follow new scientific discoveries, we learn more effective treatment methods to provide the best foot treatment and care for our patients.

Professional products for at-home foot care - available to everyone!